Bread and pastries

Bread basket

Bread basket

Pretzel, spicy bun, rye bun, malt bread, hot bread sticks, ciabatta, 8 cereals, flaky crispbreads with bacon and olives, herring and caviar butter, butter with herbs, creamy horse-radish sauce


Bavarian pretzel

Bavarian pretzel

Salty wheat pretzel


Triangle pastry with beef and potatoes

Triangle pastry with beef and potatoes

60 (1 шт.)

Hot bread sticks

Hot bread sticks

20 (1 шт)

Malt bread

Malt bread

140 (1 шт)

Spicy bun

Spicy bun

40 (1 шт)

Flaky crispbreads

Flaky crispbreads

With bacon, olives and creamy horse-radish sauce


Rye bun

Rye bun

70 (1 шт)