About restaurant

Maximilian’s belongs to a large restaurant network with places open in Russia’s major cities. We have earned good name and won people’s hearts. You’re welcome to our restaurants in Kazan, Ufa, Samara, Naberezhnye Chelny, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Tyumen and Krasnoyarsk.

Whichever Maximilian’s you come to, we always offer you delicious meals, live music, cozy interiors, and friendly ambience. Maximilian’s can host a whole bunch of friends offering you over 800 seats on at least 2,000 sq.m (21,600 sq.ft) of space.

What makes a good restaurant? It’s the stylish interior and our guests who know how to have fun, to say nothing about delicious, mouth watering food and our brand drink!

Genuine bavarian cuisine


Maximilian’s is truly proud of its cuisine brought to you by our expert chefs: Hans Voll, member of European Chefs Association, serving meals in finest restaurants round the world; Vittorio de Villa Lauscher, Gualt Millau certified restaurateur; and Otto Josef Kocher, Oktoberfest—2004 winner, catering for events of various scope and style.

Using their international experience they offer you our exquisite menu following old age traditions of Bavarian cuisine.


Live beer


Following the traditions of western restaurants, here in Maximilian’s you may see beer brew with your own eyes from beginning to end.
Beer is brewed right behind the bar counter and supervised by our brewmasters.

Here you may taste all kinds of our special beer and see our mini brewery work behind a glass partition.

The capacity of the tanks is 36,000 litres or 7.9 imperial gallons.

Original Maximilian’s beer

Live sound


The restaurants of Maximilian’s network are a perfect combination of haute cuisine and a concert venue hosting tremendous performances and live concerts of national and foreign pop and rock stars.


Genuine antiques


Original antiques in Maximilian’s unique interior! Maximilian’s designers have recreated a classical German beer restaurant interior.

Padraig o’Dwyer, an antiquer from Ireland, has been our partner for a long time. He’s famous for his pub and restaurant designs all over Europe. Padraig managed to breathe the spirit of Bavaria in our restaurant. He has prepared a unique collection of antique furniture and décor for each of our restaurants.

Maximilian’s bavarian ambience

Vera Brezhneva, actress and singer:
Thank you for being cozy, delicious and fun!
Yolka, singer:
You come to the Maximilian’s like home!
Sergey Mazayev, Moralny Codex lead singer:
Maximilian’s, you’re cool!

Maximilian’s blends into city life so fast and so seamlessly that it seems to have always been there. And we are truly proud of it as our guests keep coming back again and again to enjoy all the great things we’ve got for them.