Visit Maximilian's Restaurant in Krasnoyarsk




Maximilian’s restaurant is a European-level modern place.

Enjoy a delicious lunch, spend a cheerful evening with friends,
watch sports broadcasts or listen live music and dance at Maximilian’s any day.



Reasons to visit Maximilian's restaurant in Krasnoyarsk

1. Familiar Dishes As Well As New Flavours

If you’re a fan of Bavarian cuisine, you will definitely find your favorite flavour. Want to try something new? We have something to offer. Without any modesty, we can feed even a picky gourmet!

2. Live Music Every Night

We have live performances every evening. Enjoy music and hit the dancefloor to show your best moves!

3. Sports Events Live Broadcasts On Big Screens

We broadcast sports games on the big TV screens. Follow the games at the restaurant!

5. Hospitality

Every visitor feel at home at our restaurant. We have an English version of menu so you don’t have to guess the dish by the picture.



Our cuisine

Bavarian Platter

Bavarian Platter

Pork shank, Munich sausages, Krajina sausage, Debrecen sausage, Austrian sausage, half grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, brezel, barbecue sauce, mustard

Pork knuckle with crispy crust

Pork knuckle with crispy crust

cooked according to our special recipe, served with sauerkraut, mashed potatoes and mustard

Austrian sausage

Austrian sausage

made of poultry meat served with stewed cabbage and mustard

Try 3D-tour

We invite you for a tour around the restaurant.

Look around, step closer to the interior artefacts, choose the most suitable table.



Events and Specials

Live Misic Every Evening

Live Misic Every Evening

Maximilian's is also a concert venue where awesome shows and performances of Russian and foreign pop stars are held. We have live music of completely different performers every evening. And who knows, maybe during a romantic dinner you have a new artist in front of you, a new star is rising, which will become your talisman.

Special Offers

Special Offers

Maximilian's has a schedule of promotions and discounts for each day of the week so that you could always get a profitable offer by visiting our restaurant. Whenever you visit us, we will always find an excellent proposal for you.

You are welcome!

3 reasons why wathing sport events at the Maximilian’s restaurant in Krasnoyarsk is a great idea

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Maximilian’s restaurant is one of the most popular among the residents and the guests of Krasnoyarsk. Enjoy Bavarian dishes in a cozy and cheerful atmosphere with traditional. Or try something new, or go dancing — there are so many options to make the evening at Maximilian’s unforgettable.

Looking forward to see you!

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