Maximilian’s restaurant rules

Due to official order from the city authorities forbidding persons under age from night clubs, cafés and restaurants, we insist that you should bring you ID, indicating your age.

To avoid any contention, please, be advised that the restaurant is monitored by CCTV and security staff. We retain the right to deny admission without assigning any reasons.

For your safety and comfort in the restaurant, please, kindly follow these rules:

1. Admission to Maximilian’s from 7:00 p.m. is charged subject to our pricelist. Please, do not distract our personnel and security officers from their duties.

2. We deny admission to:
— persons under the influence of alcoholic or drug intoxication;
— persons behaving aggressively to our guests and personnel;
— persons suspected of drug or gun dealing or using;
— persons suspected of illegal conduct with respect to our guests, personnel or property.

3. Dress code.

3.1. Our dress code is not subject to strict limitations: you are welcome in casual, formal or classical clothes as long as it looks clean, neat and decent. Please, do not come in sportswear after 6:00 p.m.

3.2. We do not admit guests wearing ragged and dirty footwear.

4. In Maximilian’s you cannot:
— bring cold or fire arms, nor any kinds of self defense ammunition (including but not limited to electric shockers, pepper sprays etc.);
— move around the restaurant with glass dishware, drinks, lighted cigarettes and other objects;
— access restaurant’s dance-floor with glass dishware, drinks, lighted cigarettes;
— carry our dishware out of the restaurant;
— stay in the restaurant after 10:00 p.m. if you are below 21 years of age;
— bring your own food and drinks of any kind;
— take photos and videos without explicit permission;
— wear outdoor clothes and bring large space consuming items;
— violate public order and spoil other guest’s comfort;
— damage property of our restaurant, personnel and guests;
— play gambling games.

5. We retain the right to monitor the restaurants via CCTV cameras to avoid any breaches of the rules. Our managers will answer all your questions regarding your stay in the restaurant.

To avoid contention regarding our prices, please, read our menu carefully before making an order.

Persons, violating public order and restaurant laws will be banned from our restaurant.
Our internal control service may remove a guest from the restaurant without assigning any reason.

Do not smoke!

As of 1 June 2014, subject to Article 12 of Federal Law No 15FZ On National Health and Protecting Citizens from Tobacco Smoke and Tobacco Consumption Outcomes, smoking is strictly banned in our restaurant.

Violators are subject to a penalty of 500 to 1500 roubles.

Please, follow the above rules to ensure your comfort and security while in the restaurant.