Maximilian's bavarian ambience

Original antiques in Maximilian’s unique interior! Maximilian’s designers have recreated a classical German beer restaurant interior.

Handcrafted bar counters, antique buffets, mirrors, carved portals, staircases and other items created at the turn of the last century and collected from European auctions and antiquarian shops.

As of today, Maximilian’s is one of the top rated restaurants in Russia with large investments in interior design.

Padraig o’Dwyer,
an antiquer from Ireland

Padraig o’Dwyer

Padraig o’Dwyer, an antiquer from Ireland, has been our partner for a long time. He’s famous for his pub and restaurant designs all over Europe.

Padraig managed to breathe the spirit of Bavaria in our restaurant. He has prepared a unique collection of antique furniture and décor for each of our restaurants.

Padraig O’Dwyer and Reiner Pilz, a well-known architect from Hannover, have realized Maximilian’s projects in Naberezhnye Chelny, Kazan, Samara, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, and Ufa.

Padraig made a major contribution in our project meticulously recreating this fabulous ambience of a Bavarian restaurant.

Most of the wooden interior details are of his own design and handicraft.

He has also prepared a unique collection of antique furniture and décor visiting a number of auctions, antiquity shops around Europe.

You can find pieces of long ago all over our restaurant, there are elegantly carved partition walls, fanciful cast iron brackets, enchanting stained glass and a whole lot more.

And you will like a selection of bricks of 18—19th centuries collected from all over the country piece by piece.

These time worn bricks with history of revolutions and victories written on them will take you through space and time, away from daily routine and downtown fuss.

You come to the Maximilian’s like home!
Maximilian’s implements our best experience in the concept of a Bavarian restaurant and club.